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“ESCO Corporation has been using Bruce International for translation and localization services since January 2007. They provide high quality work across all languages. Their knowledgeable staff is quick to point out phrasing or examples that won’t make cultural sense and suggest a replacement that fits the context of the country and target audience.

Most importantly, we get great customer service. The folks at Bruce International are excellent communicators and keep ESCO thoroughly up to date on the progress of all our concurrent projects. Thanks to Bruce International ESCO has increased the satisfaction of global sales staff by having appropriate sales and marketing collateral available for various regions.”

Jodi Walder-Biesanz
Director of Marketing Communications
ESCO Corporation

“Bruce International is one of those rare companies that combines exceptional service with expertise that is both deep and wide. When it comes to translating languages and the nuances of localization, I can't imagine a better resource for driving quality solutions.”

Tim Crane
President & CEO

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