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Our translators are chosen based on their field of expertise, years of experience, and verifiable references.

All our translators have to be 100% dedicated to this industry and not just work to generate extra income. We demand quality and we receive it based on mutual pride of what we do.

  Minimum 5 years of experience as a qualified, certified translator is a basic requirement. All our translators have certifications such as the ones depicted below.  
translators' testimonials
Bruce International values the professionalism of the individual linguists it represents. I have been working with Bruce International for several years as an instructor, a translator, and a consultant, and have found the professional relationship between us to be highly rewarding. By bridging up quality-oriented linguists and quality-demanding clients, Bruce International not only satisfies and retains the clients, but also rewards the linguists with lasting and trust-based working relationship for operating at the highest standard of professionalism.
Yu Zhang
Chinese Translator/Instructor/Consultant

I have been associated with Jenny Bruce and Bruce International, Inc. for over 15 years. It has been an enjoyable relationship indeed. The professionalism Bruce International delivers into their business relationships with their instructors is outstanding.
Eduard B. Wolters 
Dutch Instructor/Cultural Trainer
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