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Voice Talent
  Real or fake? When considering having a project dubbed into foreign languages, obviously the most important factor would be to hire qualified voice talent. A fake accent could ruin your project, while a real accent can lead to its success. When we select voice talent, we pay close attention to clarity of speech. We make sure the voice talent has vast experience and has a genuine native accent of the language being recorded. Our directors are carefully selected and are trained to listen to the slightest deviation in tone, pitch and speed thus ensuring the voice talent renders a perfect recording.    
  With our high-end sound studio, carefully selected voice talent, and directors, we are able to deliver first class products. Give us your project in English and we will dub it into as many foreign languages as needed.    
  If you need our voice talent to go to your studio of preference, we can coordinate the project for you as well as provide a director when you need it.  
To audition for voice talent projects, please click here.
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